These are some of our favourite quotes and passages that we’ve collected over the years that we find inspiring or remind us of the types of challenges we need to keep for ourselves to continue to strive for greatness.

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Mistakes are part of the dues one pays for a full life.

— Sophia Loren

If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.

— Jim Rohn

Some disappointment is always the price of brave dreaming.

— Robin Sharma

Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.

— Robert F Kennedy

Pain is temporary. Glory is forever.

— Unknown

Success comes in cans, not can’t’s.

— Unknown

I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.

— Albert Einstein

If you’re not failing every now and again, it’s a sign you’re not doing anything very innovative.

— Woody Allen

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make, the better.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s only when you drop yesterday’s assumptions that you can glimpse tomorrow’s patterns and possibilities. To see deeper, unsee first.

— Umair Haq

Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.

— John Wooden

In my walks, every man I meet is my superior in some way, and in that, I learn from him.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see.

— John Burroughs

When you take risks you learn that there will be times when you succeed and there will be times when you fail, and both are equally important.

— Ellen DeGeneres

One has to passionately believe it is possible to change the industry, to turn it on its head, to make sure that it will never be the same again.

— Richard Branson

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination can take you anywhere.

— Albert Einstein

Dream big by setting yourself seemingly impossible challenges. You will then have to catch up with them.

— Richard Branson

Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t.

— Jerry Rice

It is not how many ideas you have. It’s how many you make happen.

— Accenture

She drank from a bottle called DRINK ME and up she grew so tall. She ate from a plate called TASTE ME and down she shrank so small. And so she changed, while other folks Never tried nothin’ at all.

— Shel Silverstein,Alice

Individuals play the game, but teams beat the odds.

— SEAL Team Saying

Happiness is like a skill to be learned and practiced, not a character trait.

— Christine Carter

The typical North American attention span is 6 minutes.

— Unknown

Most use technology to define the function. We use function to drive the technology.

— Unknown

An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.

— Oscar Wilde

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

— Wayne Gretzky

Someday isn’t a real day like Monday or Tuesday, it’s just another word for ‘never’.

— Robert Herjavec

There are many wonderful things that will never be done if you do not do them.

— Charles D. Gill

Less isn’t more; just enough is more.

— Milton Glaser

To clarify, add detail. Imagine that, to clarify, add detail. Clutter and overload are not attributes of information, they are failures of design. If the information is in chaos, don’t start throwing out information, instead fix the design.

— Edward Tufte
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